A message of hope for those who suffer. On Psalm 69 . By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Psalm 69 . About Sosannim ( Lilies ) .

1 Save me , O God,
that the waters have come up to my neck .
2 I sink in the miry depths ,
and I have no where to put your feet .
I’m in the deep waters ,
and drags me along.
3 I am weary of asking for help ;
I have dry throat.
My eyes fail ,
waiting for my God .
4 more than the hairs of my head
are those who hate me without cause ;
many enemies are free
who seek to destroy it .
How can I return what I did not steal ?

The psalmist cries out to God in intense prayer , prey to unspeakable anguish also expresses an air of complaint ( 3 I am weary of asking for help , I have dry throat. My eyes fail, looking for my God . ) The psalmist expresses the sadness of being convicted and is innocent . ( More than the hairs of my head are those who hate me without cause ; … who seek to destroy . How can I give back what I have stolen? )

Reflection. The real purpose of the gospel . By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Pastor David Martyn Lloyd- Jones [1 ] it was clear that the purpose of the message of the gospel is the salvation of our souls , to reconcile us to God the access to eternal life in His presence .

However this has been distorted and the last time we have that the message has been changed to a Gospel of Blessing / Prosperity . The Mega Pastors have been achieved with Mega Mega Congregations Churches generally have a Mega Ignorance of the Word of God and have the distorted vision of the gospel of Happiness easy.
Pastors seeking to reach Super have a congregation , because it is the only way to financially support ventures pharaonic as professional TV studios , radio stations , events / shows where they can assist more than 100,000 people , etc . What matters is how much , not whether or not the sheep understand . How sheep together in » industrial quantities «? With a simplistic message :

God wants to bless through the anointing ( the pastor , obviously !) And you do not need much, just RECEIVE THE BLESSING / TEACHING / ETC …! 

Reflection. Is it necessary to believe in God to go to Heaven? By Fabian Massa

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

The question would have made the journalist Eugenio Scalfari (agnostic), founder of the newspaper «La Repubblica». The Pope replied in an open letter: «God forgives those who obey his own conscience»

The letter of four pages is intended for non-believers. Pope contradicts himself, because on one side it says:
«The mercy of God has no limits if you are directed to the sincere and contrite heart» and «the truth, according to Christian faith, is the love of God for us in Jesus Christ and therefore the truth is a relationship.»

The Bible in Postmodernism.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

The truth of Scripture is always current.


All the problems of postmodernism was anticipated in the Word, hence the title contention: Scripture is always current.

The term postmodernism is generally designated a large number of art movements, cultural, literary and philosophical since 1970 until today.
One of the characteristics is that they are anti postmodernists – dualistic. They assert that Western philosophy created dualisms (black against white, West against East, male versus female, capitalism vs. communism) and that this way of thinking excluded certain perspectives or viewpoints.
This «open» position makes the Word of God sound «hard» in his ears, as the Scripture raises ethical and moral principles in absolute terms rather than relative:
• Good – Bad
• Men – Women
• Straight – Gay
• Disciples of Christ – Religion
• Holiness – Sin
• Kingdom of Light – Kingdom of Darkness

Testimony about the power of prayer.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.


Prayer is powerful, through the skies and reaches the Throne of the Lord. To a lady in our church was diagnosed with tumors on the tongue for about a month. The doctor ordered a series of studies and they determined that the tumor was spreading very quickly, so it was urgent surgery. The prospects were bleak for others, the doctor explained to the lady who had to remove her almost the entire tongue, and I actually did not know well what would happen to open and see how everything was.

The Eagle.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

5 Who satisfies your mouth with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

Psalm 103
In this passage, the psalmist David makes mention of the rejuvenation of the eagle, see how this process: When the bird reaches about 40 years, is facing a serious problem, his beak has grown too large and its curvature prevents him preening feathers wings, this prevents fly with precision. Besides excessive peak curvature prevents you cut the claws, which are beginning to bend so much that it is impossible to capture the prey. At this height our eagle is a real problem: Almost can fly and can not catch their prey. Only you have two ways:
1. Expect death on top of the cliff.
2. Peak breaking the rock, in order to give rise to a peak will grow again.
The 2nd alternative is more convenient, though it must hurt a lot. When he grows the new peak, the eagle can finesse your wings, claws trimmed and can live another 40 years.

El Pastor John.

El Hombre es un ser Gregario

El Hombre es un ser gregario, es decir que vive formando grupos, asociaciones o comunidades.  Estas comunidades tienen intereses y objetivos comunes, los cuales conforman la “Visión” del  Líder y fundador de la comunidad.
Hay infinidad de comunidades, hoy en día las más populares son las llamadas “redes Sociales” como facebook, twiter, bing, google+, etc…En estas organizaciones se forman “islas” de gente que comparten alguna actividad como ser un deporte, una carrera universitaria, son miembros de un club o de una iglesia.
Hay comunidades más organizadas y encolumnadas detrás de un líder, como ser partidos políticos, organizaciones de activistas con una orientación política donde cada miembro asume una actitud comprometida.
Estas “comunidades con miembros comprometidos” se comportan como rebaños, cada uno guiado por un «pastor”.
El “pastor” vive del rebaño, pues ese es su trabajo. Cuando uno habla de pastores y rebaños imagina una Iglesia, aunque no siempre es así.

Apacienta mis ovejas


15 Cuando terminaron de comer, Jesús le dijo a Simón Pedro: «Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas más que éstos?» Le respondió: «Sí, Señor; tú sabes que te quiero.» Él le dijo: «Apacienta mis corderos.» 16 Volvió a decirle por segunda vez: «Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas?» Pedro le respondió: «Sí, Señor; tú sabes que te quiero.» Le dijo: «Pastorea mis ovejas.» 17 Y la tercera vez le dijo: «Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me quieres?» Pedro se entristeció de que la tercera vez le dijera «¿Me quieres?», y le respondió: «Señor, tú lo sabes todo; tú sabes que te quiero.» Jesús le dijo: «Apacienta mis ovejas.

Juan 21, Reina Valera Contemporánea (RVC).

Para poder apacentar a las «Ovejas» es necesario amar al Señor más que el común de los creyentes. Es necesario, porque tarde o temprano las ovejas cansan al más mentado de los Pastores, solo el amor a Dios puede impulsar a un hombre a hacer el trabajo de trabajar con la congregación.

Apacentar: Pacer, pastar, pastorear[1]

En una sociedad de la época de Jesús, no hacía falta que nadie explique cómo era el oficio del pastor. Pero hoy, en los albores del S XXI, en una gran ciudad, este oficio es desconocido.

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Constantine the Great and Christianity.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.


Constantine Monument in the city of York.
The Roman Emperor Constantine, called the Great, was born in the city of Nish [1] February 27 272 and died at age 65 on May 22, 337, in Pontus. Son of Constantius, to his death he was elected Caesar troops from July 25 to 306.
At the beginning of the fourth century, the Empire was ruled by a tetrarquía:
a. A Caesar Augustus and the Western Roman Empire
b. A Caesar Augustus and the Eastern Roman Empire: It covered Bretania, Spain and Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia, Malta, all of North Africa [3].

Flag of the Western Roman Empire. [2] It is also the image that Constantine used on the shields of his army (Labarum).


Since the beginning of the Tetrarchy in 305 until the unification of the empire under the absolute rule of Constantine in 326 passed 29 years of wars, intrigues, murders, betrayals and endless dramas. Constantine represents the birth of absolute monarchy by divine right hereditary. During his reign he introduced important changes affecting all levels of society in the late empire. Court reformed the laws and structure of the army. Constantine moved the capital of empire to Byzantium which renamed it Constantinople. He died, of disease in 337, 31 years after he was named emperor in Britain. At the end of his life and just before he died was baptized to die as a Christian.

East Roman Empire Shield

ImageMap of the Eastern Roman Empire and the West.

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Культ богини Ашера: Является ли это ушло в прошлое или ток?

Перевод с испанского на русский язык с Google Переводчик.

Краткое исследование культа богини Хананея дубраву, Адриан Pablos и Фабиан Масса.

Об этом ханаанской богини вики сообщает христианский словарь:

Евр. Ашера [множественное число * и кумиры Астарты; Ugar. Aserat; Амарна писем, * и * Ashratu Ashirtu.

1. Финикийской богини растительности под названием «Ашера Тир» в угаритских текста. Угаритских литературе относится к нему как «Леди богов», «Любовник [невесты] богов [небесные]», и как мать 70 божеств, но его наиболее отличительных название Ашират море «Миссис [кто ходит] из [] море.»

Ваала и дубравы были самыми важными богов плодородия в Ханаан и в области наших дней Палестине. Их поклонение часто включаются действия сексуального характера с жрецом или жрицей, к которому они должны были дать предложения. В основном это становится сексуальной активности, что было сделано за деньги, и именно поэтому через поклонение этим богам с проституцией.

Культ Астарты в принципе была связана с Ваала, он стал как мертвый груз. Имя богини имеет вариации в зависимости от языка региона:

В ‘TTRT (также’ угаритских Aṯtart или «Athtart, Atirat транслитерации).
В аккадском Как-тар-ты (также Astártu).
В этрусских Uni-Astre.
В Абиссинии (Эфиопии) Астар.
В Южной Аравии Атар.
В месопотамской Иштар
Для древних шумерской Инанны было
Для греков Астарта
На иврите и финикийской Астарте была вызвана.
Один из его титулов Царицы Небесной, и пророк Иеремия предупреждает жителей Иерусалим для поклонения (Иер. 7,18) такое же название, как сегодня было дано во время Isis (смысл которого именно тронный), Гера и Юнона и настоящее время уделяется явлений Девы Марии в Католической церкви.

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