STUDY. You really found Sodom & Gomorrah and the crossing of the Red Sea? By Fabian Massa.

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Cities around the Dead Sea.

According to what the Scripture says, the cities of Sodom , Gomorrah , Admah and Zoar Zeboyim were situated wax each other , around the Dead Sea, in the woodland vale . Scholars agree with the Bible concerning the location of these cities .
Some archaeologists believe that would ancient Numeria Gomorrah. According to archaeologists and others as the «Theory of liquefaction » , it is feasible that a large earthquake destroyed these cities and caused a decrease in the level of the land occupied by them , leaving their ruins flooded by the waters of the sea.

NEWS. Slaughter in Egypt, 14 Aug 2013. By Fabian Massa

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 The August 14, 2013 will remain in the history of Egypt as a day of deep sorrow. This country has been on the brink of a civil war after the Islamist supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. This has not done anything but make a fire of hatred in this country: After the eviction of the followers of Morsi and the Brotherhood of the places where they camped peacefully, enraged protesters vented their anger at government buildings and Christian churches.
The day ended with at least 278 deaths, 43 of them policemen, and the restoration of the state of emergency, in force for three decades under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.
So we have the whole Middle East region is under very high pressure: The civil geurra in Syria (where there are already around 120,000 dead and more than 1.5 million displaced) Violence in Iraq, Iran, and Palestine and Israel and now Egypt.

Week 70 is about to begin, only Jesus saves. Are we ready?

NEWS. Masacre en Egipto, 14 ago 2013

El 14 de Agosto de 2013 quedará en la historia de Egipto como un día de profundo dolor. Este país ha quedado al borde de una guerra civil después de que los islamitas seguidores del depuesto presidente Mohamed Morsi. Esto no ha hecho otra cosa que encender un fuego de odio en ese país: Luego del desalojo de los seguidores de Morsi y de los Hermanos Musulmanes de las plazas donde acampaban pacíficamente, los manifestantes enardecidos descargaron su furia contra edificios gubernamentales e Iglesias cristianas.

La jornada se cerró con, al menos, 278 fallecidos, 43 de ellos policías, y la reinstauración del estado de emergencia, vigente durante tres décadas bajo la dictadura de Hosni Mubarak.
Asi tenemos que toda la región de Oriente Medio está bajo una presión muy alta: La geurra civil en Siria (donde ya hay alrededor de 120.000 muertos y mas de 1.5 millones de desplazados) La violencia en Irak, Iran, y Palestina e Israel y ahora Egipto.

La Semana 70 está por comenzar, solo Cristo salva. ¿Estamos listos?

 Nota Diario el País:

Six Day War

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After the War of Liberation in 1948, where Israel defeated Arab Coalition [1], continuous clashes between Israel and its neighbors. This is nothing new to Israel, has always had problems in the region. That is because people Canaanites (Arabs today) never accepted the conquest of their territory by Joshua between 1440 and 1420 BC (Book of Joshua in the OT) Then we have the following table of enemy towns:

The Liberation War Israel 1948.

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1. A little history
The nation of Israel was divided into two at the end of the reign of Solomon in 930 a. C.:
        I. The Kingdom of Israel (North) with its capital in Samaria
      II. The Kingdom of Judah (South) with its capital in Jerusalem.
The Northern Kingdom was destroyed and its inhabitants carried into captivity by the Assyrian empire in 721. C.
The Kingdom of Judah continued until 607 BCE when Nebuchadnezzar conquered the whole region and carried the people away into Babylon:

… By then went up to Jerusalem Nevujadnetzar the servants of the king of Babylon, and the city was besieged … And he took all Jerusalem, and all the princes, and all men of valor, ten thousand captives in total, and all the craftsmen and smiths. None remained except the poorest people of the land … And the king of Babylon made Mataniahu, his father’s brother, king of the place and changed its name to Tzidkiahu. (Melachim-Kings-11 24:10-17)
In 537 B.C. under the rule of Cyrus, was authorized to return to Jerusalem of the Jews who so wish to do so, under the leadership of Nehemiah [1] and Ezra [2].
Since then the territory was a province that went from Empire to Empire unable to recover their identity as independent nation. But God had promised to Israel through his prophets:

El Logos de Dios es anterior a la Creación.

ImagenGran colisionador de Hadrones.
»El Señor me poseía en el principio,
ya de antiguo, antes de sus obras.
23 Eternamente tuve la primacía, desde el principio,
antes de la tierra.
24 Fui engendrada antes que los abismos,
antes que existieran las fuentes de las muchas aguas.
25 Antes que los montes fueran formados,
antes que los collados, ya había sido yo engendrada,
26 cuando él aún no había hecho la tierra, ni los campos,
ni el principio del polvo del mundo.
Proverbios 8.22 – 26[1].
En este texto, la Sabiduría de Dios – que puede identificarse con el “Logos” de Juan 1.1- claramente dice que Dios es (existe) desde antes de todo los creado y también que fue Él quien con su sabiduría hizo todas las cosas.

The 10 plagues of Egypt.

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 Satellite view of the Nile
Each of the plagues of Egypt was an attack on the many gods Egyptians [1]. It is obvious that the Lord’s purpose is to demonstrate both the Egyptian Pharaoh in the lead as the Israelites, who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
The first nine plagues were events that happened naturally, but during the Plagues of Egypt were in a very exaggerated, the tenth plague was instead spiritually.Frogs, lice and all sorts of flies were always present in the moist banks of the Nile, in fact a malaria endemic area. Probably the cattle plague sores have been caused by anthrax [2], present even today in Egypt and Northwest Africa.

Also, each plague was foot to the next entry in a chain of circumstances that complexity leaves no chance, causality being the Hand of God who was behind these events.

Zaphenath-Panea, The Savior.

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This is the story of the Great Zaphnath- Paaneah [1].

A long, long time, in the distant land of Egypt, took place one of the most exciting stories that encloses the Bible in the Old Testament. The Story of Joseph, son of Jacob, whom Pharaoh, King of Egypt, called Zaphnathpaaneah, to raise its status to Administrator reo [2] of his kingdom. After this, the Grand Egypt gave to wife Asenath the daughter of Poti-phera, priest of On.

In Egypt, although everyone knew that Joseph had come from the desert to many years ago, brought by slave traders Ishmaelites, no one knew his past or why he got there. Asenath was in love with her husband. The revelation had shocked Joseph regarding Pharaoh’s dream and also the courage he had when he dared to give advice about how to foresee the time of famine. She wanted to know every detail of her life, so she asked her husband to tell him their history.

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Egyptian Mythology.

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A brief study of Egyptian mythology, Adrian Pablos & Fabian Massa.

Ancient Egypt was a civilization that originated along the middle and lower channel Nile Throughout history we can clearly distinguish three very different periods:

1. Old Kingdom
Two. Middle Kingdom
Three. New Kingdom.

For the present work we will only consider (and very timely and synthetic) some aspects of the Old Kingdom.
According to Egyptologists Egypt began to fill to the 7000 [1] BC About 6000. C., and had appeared in the Nile Valley organized agriculture and small settlements.
At the same time, in the southwest were engaged in farming and living in small towns. Between 5500 and 3100. C., during the Predynastic more small settlements flourished along the Nile
During the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians deified those natural phenomena that puzzled them, and instilled fear, of those who did not know the reason for its action; these divinities associated with the characteristics of certain animals, and represented in human form while retaining features zoomorphic . Here’s an example:

Horus, the god – hawk, «the high» sky god.


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